The other party's idea of stone throwing was destroyed. "Hehe, if he wants to test me, I'll let him try it. I'll see how he uses the immortal stone. "The island owners are all on the challenge arena. What about ye Wei? Why hasn't he come here ye "What's going on? What's going on?" Put in the feelings, and ultimately gorgeous schizophrenia, and personality imitation is very strong The endless blade collides with the pure sky, and bursts out again and again. The tearing force betw In such a narrow path, it is extremely difficult to dodge. In addition, some materials, including medicinal materials for alchemy and minerals for refining ute In fact, as ye Yiming expected, the battle between the Holy See and the dark Council intensified in Get up to go out of the door, see a group of people around the front desk, chirp, very lively. At this time, Hu Ge and other guys glared at Tang Yu angrily, "don't think I dare not beat you!" A splendid lady asked after the commander. "It seems that my treatment is the same as those ordinary samsara..." However, there are countless demons in the palace. Isabel, covering her face, said, "be ready to help others, just wear ordinary clothes! Even if you d Aosen said, "with the two of you, there is a 30% chance to compete with the strong one in the earth Unexpectedly, they were all easily dissolved by Zichen. "Haha, the landlord is still very good. I heard that the external network technology is extremely de

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