Purple Chen does not understand ask a way: "do not know what to call deliberately aimed at?" King of Chu River, warrior level 60 / / Weapon Master level 6, guild: 18 hell; "Sure enough, it's not possible for us to try to become human beings." "This is a scuffle that is doomed to fall down on a large number of triple Daozu. Huyanba, if you do Although he has not been hit by big thunder sound boxing, but has no strength to fight back. If he i "When I passed, there was another important news. About the man who entered the" relic treasure. " When he was in front of him, Hu Hao looked at him and asked Hu Yihua, "is that the old boy?" Bly's face changed when he saw this behind the scenes. Turtle Cong suddenly changed his mouth, his head was shaking like a rattle, his eyes were turning ge Not to mention that I used to be the Deputy envoy of Xifu. I'm famous all over the world. I have The white shadow sent a message, clear to Cohen's head. But the magic waves that are so powerful. However, song Ke'er has been in the bottom of her heart that when she was 10 years old, she got I'm just cursive. I didn't take the initiative to look for her. Instead, she dealt with hers The gate master of Haoyang gate has great powers of mind. "Well, I'll forget the money, but I'll take your first kiss." "Messenger, do you want to go back and ask for reinforcements?" So he caught up with him even though he didn't want to.

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